Law and Polity Seminars

The Law and Polity Project hosts individual seminars on a regular basis which develop a theme within one of the three strands of the broader project.

The next law and polity seminar will be given by:

Professor Martin Loughlin, London School of Economics, Spring 2019

Previous law and polity seminars include:

Ralf Michaels (Duke University) – Law and Recognition: Towards a relational concept of law? (23 February 2017)

Jakko Husa (Lapland) and Elisenda Casanas Adam (Edinburgh) – Legal Pluralism in Divided Societies (6 October 2017)

Professor Christopher McCrudden (Queen’s University Belfast and Michigan Law School) – Towards a Normative Theory of Comparative Human Rights Law (30 October 2017)

E. Christodoulidis (Glasgow University) and T. Isiksel (Columbia University) – Law, Polity and Economy (3 November 2017)

Rick Rawlings (UCL) – Brexit and the Constitution: Devolution, Reregulation and Intergovernmental Relations (7 November 2017)

Gianluigi Palombella (Pisa) and Jan Klabbers (Helsinki) – Interlegality and Transnational Law (10 November 2017)

Please click here for a full list of law and polity seminars.